Nutrition services offered in-home, in-facility, and through telemedicine throughout New Jersey.

Nutrition provides your body with the nutrients and energy it needs to thrive. Serving patients in Montclair, New Jersey, Blair Beltzer, MD, and the skilled providers at Ignite One understand the significant role nutrition plays in health and wellness. They offer customized nutrition plans through in-home telehealth services. Call the practice or schedule your nutrition consultation online today.

Nutrition Q & A

What is nutrition?

Your nutrition refers to the types of food you eat. Your diet supplies your body with the energy and essential nutrients it needs to function. Essential nutrients include protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins, and minerals. 

If you eat a balanced diet, you should get all the nutrients your body needs for good health. However, when it comes to nutrition, there are a lot of mixed messages. 

Ignite One is a holistic medicine practice that takes a whole-body approach to care. They understand the key role nutrition plays in promoting health and well-being. They also know that your health needs are unique to you, and no single “diet” works for all. 

They provide personalized nutrition plans that match your health goals and teach you how to create the lifestyle changes that make it easy for you to eat a balanced diet. 

Why is nutrition important?

Nutrition is important because it affects your health now and in the future. Poor nutrition puts you at risk of developing nutritional deficiencies. It also makes it harder for you to maintain a healthy weight and may lead to health problems like heart disease or cancer.

What you eat affects how you feel physically and emotionally. Implementing good nutrition isn’t difficult, but it requires your active involvement.

What can I expect from a nutrition plan?

You can expect a customized nutrition plan from your provider at Ignite One. Before making any recommendations, your provider conducts a full assessment of your overall health and wellness. 

Then, they create an integrative plan that focuses on helping you not only improve your nutrition but enhance all aspects of your life that influence your wellness. Your nutrition plan may include:

  • Meal plans
  • Behavioral counseling  
  • Health coaching
  • A personalized fitness plan

Most importantly, your provider at Ignite One works closely with you, helping you make small changes to what you eat to improve your nutrition and health. This approach makes it easier for you to transition from short-term “diets” to a long-term eating style that you can follow for life. 

To learn more about the nutrition plans at Ignite One, call the practice or schedule a consultation online today.